Alejandro Herrera



(Electric bass player - Double bass player - Composer - Arranger - Teacher)

Alejandro Herrera plays the electric bass since he was 12 years old.
From 1986 he has been leading his own groups where he develops his career as a composer and arranger (he has 3 CDs) and his present group is one of the most outstanding ones of jazz scene in Buenos Aires - Argentina.
On the other hand due to his versatility with the instrument, he is required by musicians of different styles to do recordings, and is also called to play with foreign musicians that tour around South America. Lately he has been part of several local groups like: "Ricardo Nole Trio", "Clase Unica" trio, Gustavo Bergalli quintet, "Robert Petinatto & Now", Alejandro Santos group, among others.

During 2002 he toured round USA and Europe as part of the guitar player Al Di Meola´s group.
Also every 2 years since 1992, he does European tours with the Austrian saxophone player  "Karlheinz Miklin & Quinteto Argentina" (also have some CD edited with this group with some of his tunes) and their next tour is on Sept 2006.

He has also been teaching since 1987 and has done workshops in several countries around the world.

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